We Have Burn Restrictions? Yup!

If you’re new to living out here in Elbert County, you might not realize we have something called burn restrictions.  These restrictions apply to public, private, state, federal, and unincorporated land.

We have different “stages” of Burn Bans:  1, 2, and 3, with 3 being the most restrictive.  The Burn Ban stage we are in, is posted on the marquee at the front of the Fire Station.

How about burning trash?  No matter what stage we are in, it is not legal to burn trash in Elbert County. To burn trash, you must have a Burn Permit.  You can request a permit by calling Chief Kay Osborn at 303-621-2098.  There is no charge for a burn permit.

There is also something called a “Red Flag Warning”  If you subscribe to Elbert County’s reverse 911, you will get a phone call when a Red Flag Warning is instated.  Red flag warnings may be declared at any time when a combination of the temperature, humidity, and wind create higher than normal fire danger.  A red flag warning means that there is no open burning, welding or hot work, or fireworks during the hours the red flag warning is in effect, regardless of the burn stage.  An active red flag warning nullifies any legally issued burn permit.

Please, for the safety of your family, and your neighbors, take time to read the entire Burn Restrictions and Regulations pamphlet that the NCFPD has put out on Elbert County’s Burn Ban restriction.  Even though winter’s coming up, it’s still dry out there!


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