Annual 4th of July Parade & BBQ

Here it is folks, the long awaited post about our Annual 4th of July Parade & BBQ!

All the information is here, please read through them all. 
We will be adding additional info as needed during the next 2 weeks. 

We finally were able to get all our ducks in row, and the Parade & BBQ are a go! Rest assured, we are taking every precaution concerning the Covid Virus for your safety. Some regulations may seem a bit strict, but we are following the health dept.’s guidelines to make sure everyone is as safe as possible, while at the same time having fun! In case any are wondering, Elbert County did receive an approved Variance, and we have gotten our blessing from the Sheriff’s dept. to hold our event.

Now, for the fun info…..

Our Annual 4th of July Parade & BBQ will be Saturday, July 4th. The Parade will start at the Firehouse at 10am, and travel around the Chaparral neighborhood. The BBQ Picnic will be held at the Park this year starting at 11:30 (this is due to Covid gathering restrictions).

This is a FREE event for the ENTIRE community! Free food. Fun for all!

The Parade

The Fire Dept. will be heading up the parade.

You can be a spectator and watch the parade go by, or, if you’d like, you can be in it! So much fun, and ANYONE can join!! The more the merrier! Decorate you car, truck, atv, horse, bike, go cart, self, what have you, and be up at the firehouse at 9:30am on July 4th to set-up.

The parade starts at 10, and the round trip takes about 45 minutes. We start at the firehouse, travel down Emerald, around Jasper, and back up to the firehouse. If you don’t want to be in the parade, watch from the road! Either way, it’s social distancing at it’s best. 😉 Oh, and the Auxiliary kids & Fare Dept. like to throw candy off the float, and spray water at the spectators.

Please contact John Hogan if you have any questions.

The BBQ Picnic

This year we will be having our BBQ at the park (like we do for Labor Day). The picnic starts at 11:30 after the Parade. The Park is on the corner of Emerald & Amethyst at the mail boxes.

Everyone is invited! Bring your own shade & chairs. It is one of our best events of the year!

Burgers & dogs will be served, and are free, thanks to a neighborly donation. We will be following all Covid restrictions when it comes to serving food. Our servers, who will be high-school students working to receive their community service hours, will be wearing gloves & masks for your safety. We will have single-serve condiments available. Please bring a side dish to share with your family or everyone, to round out the picnic! Our gloved & masked servers will be serving any “buffet style” food for safety. Lunch will start to be served at noon. Please keep social distance requirements by only keeping 5 people in line at a time. Thank you.

This is a BYOBeverage event. However, Leah Pier will have a Lemonade Stand set up for your refreshment!

The brush truck will be there to spray the kids (adults & dogs too) with some water to cool off. Fun!

Bring balls, kites, and anything else your family would like to do at the picnic! The health dept. strongly advises families to stay together & not mingle (I had to write that according to guidelines). 😉

We will have a Porta-Potty available again for this event. Now that’s convenient!

If you’d like to donate some water bottles as back-up hydration, that would be wonderful.

Pie Eating Contest

Have some fun during our 4th of July BBQ with our Pie Eating Contest! All ages are welcome to join. Get messy. Win a prize. Each entrant will have their own mini pie, smothered with whip cream.

Sign up early on facebook, or sign up at the BBQ.  Signing up early guarantees we have enough pies for everyone!

Fun, food, and family.  It’s all here, celebrating the 4th in our community!!


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